Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Yudhie and Yenny

They say "good things come to those who wait"
And I wait for years until we cross each other's paths.
I never knew love was so beautiful until we saw each other.
It's funny how I feel completely different when I'm with him. Sparks fly, butterflies in my tummy, he gives me those special feelings which I never felt before.
Therefore, I know he's the one.

Since the first day, I can't stop thinking what my life would be without her.
All I see is her in my future, I can't imagine anyone else.
Because she's so special, with all little things she have.
She is not one in a million, she is the only one in this world.
And I gotta say I'm grateful that I found her.
But our journey is never truly smooth, we go through ups and downs. We fight, but at the end of the day, we forgive each other.
Above all, the most important thing is we never stop loving each other, and as day goes by, here we are.

Yudhie & Yenny from Rix Lie Photography on Vimeo.

Photograph by Rix Lie for www.rixlie.com
Makeup and hairdo by Katharine www.qthie.com
Videography by Alvin Alexander www.alexanderalvin.com

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Andre & Merlin - Magical Forest

Once upon a time, we fell in love, and share our sweet moments. A magical forest, when we have our shot. Quiet, fresh, beautiful and romantic. From flowers, butterflies, and fireflies.
merlin and andre from Rix Lie Photography on Vimeo.

Photography by Rix Lie for rixlie.com
Makeup and hairdo by qthie.com

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sasha & Ical

Such a beautiful, great couple of Sasha and Ical. They do fun all day long, share each other sweet memories.
Sasha & Ical Prewedding from Alvin Alexander on Vimeo.
All the footages were shots handheld. The film was entirely shot, directed, and edited by alexanderalvin.com

Photography by Rix Lie for rixlie.com
Makeup and hairdo by qthie.com
Soundtrack by Chrisette Michele - Love is You

Monday, 7 January 2013

Bali, Reminisce...

Sometimes we get lucky enough to meet clients who was once our friend, when we was in college. When we first talk about the photoshoots in Bali, they got super excited. And  the meeting was super fun, talking about what will the photo session be. 

We went to Bali, together. On the plane, way to Bali, we couldn't stop planning and talking about the photo sessions. You could just imagine, how excited we and they were.
We really enjoyed travelling through Bali together with these two who were always cheerful, joking around and laughing all day. First we arrived, we spent the day shopping, finding clothes, accessories, stuffs, that we were going to use on the shot. What a superb day!

We didn’t plan on any particular concept and left room to just indulge in the travel. The basic concept just as the movie that set on Bali. The best part of the whole trip was that we got in it with one of our bestfriend as our client. It was a wonderful experience indeed.

Thanks Nilam & Teguh.

Watch HD video on our youtube channel!

Photography by Rix Lie for Rix Lie Photography
Makeup by Katharine

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

TEASER Sasha & Ical

Sasha & Ical. Here is the teaser for the prewedding we did few days ago. This is not the top notch, but as for teaser, we'll surprise you later! And check back for the video too! So, enjoy!

Photograph by Rix Lie for Rix Lie Photography
Makeup and Hairdo by Katharine for Rix Lie Photography
Videography by Alvin Alexander for Rix Lie Photography